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LBS Healthy Cats Naturally - Homeopathic Remedies
About Us

We are a small, home based, part time business.
Established in 1994, we started by vending at cat shows on weekends.
Although we are dedicated to alternative cat health care, our products work well for all animals.

Our Business Philosophy

Our business is dedicated to providing quality alternative health care products for your companion cat.
Our goal is to promote preventive care.

Our Company

Our company evolved from our desire to provide quality and alternative natural health care for our cats.

We soon learned that it required extensive research just to find natural products for preventive care. We also learned that just because the label or advertising says the product is 'all natural' that did not guarantee that it was safe, or that it would work.

As we found and tested alternatives, we shared this knowledge with our friends who were also frustrated trying to find natural alternitives for their cats. Before we knew it, we had a small, part time, home based business which sells homeopathic, herbal and Bach Flower remedies at cat shows. To make it easier for our customers to order between cat shows, we developed our first web site.

We are primarily concerned with providing quality products for people who care enough for their cats to take the time to look for alternatives. We encourage you to email us at any time for help. If we do not have a product, we will be happy to research the product to see if it meets our quality standards and add it to our line of products if it does.

Our Employees

As a small, home based business, our human employees are limited to the owners.

Our cat staff consists os Pixie, Gremlin, Goblin (aka Bear), Bleu Geni, Hunk, Whimsey, Jazzman, Loki, Pi, Pandi, Tiki, Kali, Tribble and Shadow.

The staff is actively involved in testing our products to ensure quality.

They also help with all projects where computers or video are involved.

Please have patience, they are typing as fast as their little paws can type.

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Experience and qualifications:

Our owner is not a licensed veterinarian, however, she has done extensive study into herbal, homeopathic and flower remedies, and is currently studying for the equivelant of a veterinarian diploma in the use of homeopathic remedies.

Our cats experience is invaluable.

Contact us.

Contact us.